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‍‍We have developed our own stock in our attempt to research performance and improve chick quality.

We primarily use the Polish ringneck for our own commercial shoots. However, we recognise that other shoots may prefer other breeds to suit their individual needs.

With this in mind, we can offer a Bazanty / Kansas cross, common ringneck, Melanistic, Japanese Green Cross, Blackneck and Pure Kansas . We also rear Red Legged Partridge and Grey Partridge to order.

Kansas Cross

Bred from Polish Ringneck hen birds and Michigan/Kansas cock birds, good holding despite what is said about American birds, stable powerful flight, a good all-rounder.

Common Ringneck

Similar in appearance to the Polish bird but with a heavier frame, reasonable holding characteristics but not as strong in flight as the Polish Ringneck.

Bazanty / Polish Ringneck

Widely used on estates all over and originating from Poland these birds have excellent holding and good strong flying ability, popular and proven from one season to the next, largely found on our estates.


A very attractive bird, with good holding potential and often chosen to give variety of pheasants released and consequently in the bag.

Japanese Green Cross

When crossed this bird is a good alternative to the American Michigan/Kansas, very pretty and attractive bird with reasonable holding ability, a strong flyer with good lift.


This traditional English bird, once widely used on sporting estates, has good holding characteristics and tolerance, is a strong bird but is not the best of flyers, can be used well on shoots with valleys.

Kansas / Michigan

Sometimes known as the blueback, these light framed birds if managed well can be encouraged to hold, extremely good in flight from flat ground, and if used with the right wind can be a very testing bird.

Red Legged Partridge

Our birds originate from France, hatched and reared by ourselves, they offer great return and superb flight as proven on our shoots.

White Pheasant

Commonly use as marker or bounty birds released in small numbers for novelty value.


Our mallard growers are from extremely strong flying strain and develop quickly, producing testing birds shortly after release.