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‍Introducing our new state of the art hatchery here in Herefordshire, thought to now be the most modern in the UK.

The investment we have made into our new hatchery is one for the future and shows the commitment and foresight we have as a company into producing the best chicks so giving them the best start in life.

Our chicks are produced from quality stock and hatched in our new state of the art hatchery here in Herefordshire.

We strongly believe in bio-security and this has been incorporated with paramount importance in to the design of our hatchery and this combined with the world leading Petersime incubation equipment means we can offer the healthiest chicks possible. The hatch period can be minimized with the advanced technology our machines have, the benefit therefore meaning our chicks spend the minimum time in our hatchery before despatch to you reducing risk of stress and dehydration. These chicks are then swiftly delivered in specialist temperature controlled vehicles in single use cardboard boxes meaning we continue our bio-security measures right up the point of delivery to your premises. Our delivery routes are also carefully planned to minimize the number of drops and hence time spent in transport.