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‍Our poults are reared from our own top quality chicks which arrive at our rearing fields within minimal travelling time, they are then reared in temperature controlled brooder sheds where emphasis is given to minimizing stocking density and large grass runs are provided ensuring good health and maximizing growth.
We use only the best game feed and continue to research for the best diets giving the birds that we deliver to you the best start and chance when released.

Bird health is paramount to us, so much so we invest into a weekly visit from our specialized game bird vet who carries out routine examinations of all batches of birds. We feel this gives us a leading edge in heading off bacterial infection and challenges that our poults may encounter in the initial weeks of life, our policy is prevention rather than cure when it comes to bird health with our routine medication programme at the key stages of the first seven weeks means the risk of the birds suffering setbacks after release are massively reduced. When ordering your birds with us we will provide you with a suggested medication program for the initial period following release to optimise the best start, giving your birds continued good health and optimum performance for the coming season. We can also offer to supply the game feed for you at competitive prices direct from the leading game feed suppliers in the UK.